23 April 2010

1st Run Back

After a week of leg strengthening exercises I went for a 1 mile run, along the side of the stray, so 99% grass.
I aimed at 10min/mi pace which I got pretty close, airing on the side of caughtion doing the distance in 10'17".
This was the first time running in my "new" Asics GT-2150's and they felt great, except my left foot (the larger of the two) fet the stability support on the outer underside of my foots arch.
I assumed this was the combination of switching from cushened to stability traininers, running for the first time in 4 weeks, running for the first time off road in... 10 months (?) and being really sqweemish about every twinge and ache throught my body as I ran.
I did dynamic stretches before, and statics stretches after, and felt good.
I feel like my knee (the offending right one) has seezed up a bit. will not run again untill next wednesday. Will continue to do my stengthening exercises, but will try and do two 15 minute cycles between now and then to help "warm up" my legs.

I'm sure this is really boring for anyone who is reading it, but, I feel this helps me, writing it all down.

Check out my training details on my nike plus page...

14 April 2010


Was referred by my GP to see a Physio at our local private hospital (thank you Bupa). After taking a history and assessing my knees, the physio said that there was no severe damage, but I need to let them heal properly, and rebuilding the strength around them.

A 2 week program of leg/knee strengthening exercises as well as being allowed to do some cycling was great. No running, an agreed 15 minute jog 2 weeks today allowing for progress and any pain/distress to be discussed in my follow-up on the following Fridays appointment.
I was encouraged that just because I could walk doesn't mean I shouldn't of come to see her, and the experience has taught me a lot about training, running and the human body. Hindsight is a beautiful thing, I hope my competiveness does not cloud my judgement again.
I wore my new Asics to the session (even though they were off for the majority of it) and they felt great, comply and responsive. I can't wait to put them through their paces... when I'm ready!