14 April 2010


Was referred by my GP to see a Physio at our local private hospital (thank you Bupa). After taking a history and assessing my knees, the physio said that there was no severe damage, but I need to let them heal properly, and rebuilding the strength around them.

A 2 week program of leg/knee strengthening exercises as well as being allowed to do some cycling was great. No running, an agreed 15 minute jog 2 weeks today allowing for progress and any pain/distress to be discussed in my follow-up on the following Fridays appointment.
I was encouraged that just because I could walk doesn't mean I shouldn't of come to see her, and the experience has taught me a lot about training, running and the human body. Hindsight is a beautiful thing, I hope my competiveness does not cloud my judgement again.
I wore my new Asics to the session (even though they were off for the majority of it) and they felt great, comply and responsive. I can't wait to put them through their paces... when I'm ready!

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