14 May 2010


Well its been a couple of weeks now since my first run.
Just to briefly fill you in I got my old Road bike off my brother and have done a 15 min and 30 min cycle (ending in the right hand STI break leaver cable breaking and having to be replaced) and I did another run, abit longer than my first run, maybe closer to two miles at about 9'23" a mile pace. So was nice.
On monday the 5th of april (bank holiday Monday) I was relocating some stone slabs around the back of the garage, and by the end of the day my knee was giving me greif.
So since then I haven't done anything else apart from some strengthening exercises and resting.
After talking to my dad and a colleague at work, I have now got a clearer understanding about post injury recovery. Dull pain and sharp pain. It is apparent that the dull acheing pain I have been feeling for the latter part of my injury has been part of the healing process and I should be able to train on it. I feel when I twist on my knee that it feels soare and tender like a twisted knee, so some cycling will really help protect the twisting of that knee.
So my plan is 2 cycles a week for two weeks, (@15 mins, 30mins, 30mins, 30 mins) and then drop a 10 min jog in and increase maybe by 5 mins a week. I shall see how we go.
I am on holiday in Italy for two weeks in june (about 4 weeks time) so will have to play it by ear. I would love to do some nice running down the coast in the mornings or evenings but may say two runs a week at 15 mins or 1 @ 10 mins and 1 @ 15 mins just to build up from the 1 run and 2 cycles a week to 2 runs a week.
Maybe have a 3 cycle week on return home and then drop a run or 2 in to replace the cycles and alternate 2 cycles and 1 run, and 1 cycle and 2 runs a week.
The focus is going to be on quality of run and cycle, the number of activities a week (getting up to 3) and keeping the pace and time down and build the time up.
Once i get back from Italy it will be 12 weeks to race day, so will use the first 4 weeks of that to consolidate a consistant and stable exercise pattern.
Then I will try and start introducing a long run/cycle and eventualy a race pace run in too.

Watch this space... well... I will pretend that someone is watching.

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